Friday, March 02, 2007

New SlickRun Beta (3.9.8)!

At long last, I've fixed my build machine and published a new SlickRun beta. This is probably* going to be the final v3.x version of SlickRun before SlickRun's complete rewrite in C# takes over as SlickRun v4.

Please give SlickRun 3.9.8 Beta (170Kb) a try and let me know immediately if you encounter any problems with it that you didn't see in prior versions.

v3.9.8 Beta (2 Mar 2007)
+ Fix for loss of MagicWords on Shutdown when an "empty" MagicWord was in library+ Fix for crash on shutdown on Windows Vista
+ New [GENERAL] option named AggressiveShowWindow. Set to 0 to try to prevent compat problems with other aggressive applications.
+ New [GENERAL] option named AggressiveStayOnTop. Set to 0 to prevent SlickRun from pushing itself topmost on every timer tick.

* I may elect to add a few of the simpler feature requests I've seen in this forum, but most of the major new features will only be available in SlickRun v4. SlickRun SLUGsWhile SlickRun's plugin system never really took off (and was barely mentioned, for that matter), I did release one plugin. Unzip this file into a new "Slugs" folder you've created at C:\Program Files\SlickRun\Slugs\ folder. After SlickRun is restarted, every hour it will play an hourly chime. You can also type time to launch the Time/Date control panel.


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Mike Miller said...

Looks good so far. Is the version supposed to say

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Ericlaw said...

Thanks, Mike.

Yes, is the current build revision. I'll probably release a in the next few weeks with a few more very minor features.


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