Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New SlickRun Beta, New Mezer Build

SlickRun v4.0.4 beta has been released here:
The only meaningful change in this version is the addition of a new token you can use in the idle display's custom date formatting-- %wk% will be replaced with the week # of the current year.
This has been a semi-popular request over the years as such information is commonly used by a variety of professionals. Unfortunately, I think each industry may prefer slightly different behaviors, so for now I've implemented just one to try it out.

The first week of the year that includes a Monday will be treated as Week #1. If January 1st falls on a Tuesday, for instance, then Jan1-5 will be treated as Week #0. On the other hand, if January 1st falls on a Monday, then there is no "week 0" that year. Unfortunately, there's no good way for SlickRun to know about holidays, so systems that require such knowledge cannot be presently supported.


I've also released an updated version [v2.0.5] of Mezer Tools @ ( The only difference in the new build is that both Mezer and Docker.dll opt-in to DEP/ASLR. Unfortunately, because docker.dll is in constant use, the only way to update it is to uninstall Mezer, reboot, and then install the newest Mezer.